Poetry exercise two…

I’ve to write 5 pairs of blank (non rhyming) iambic pentameter, in which the first line of each pair is “end stopped” (so each line is a complete thought without spilling over grammatically into the next line) and there are no “cesuras” (breaks in the thought flow within a line of poetry).

Then I’ve to write 5 pairs with the same meaning, in which there is “enjambment” (the running on of one line into the next to complete the meaning) and with at least two cesuras.

The heavy air’s metallic, laden, grey;
It tastes like iron as if from open wound
The sky’s metallic hue sits heavy on
The city like a scab; bloods iron from clouds.
Sun-dried tomato on Italian bread,
Salami, olive oil and chutney spread.
A meal of mediterranean sun; tomatoes
Sun-dried and succulent, on a rocket bed.
I dreamt a dream of eating cucumber
It tasted good, no wonder did I slumber
The great green slug; cucumber represents
All evil vegetables forced on my dreams
I must go through my paperwork today
Forgotten tasks and pain of forms unfilled
The evil pile just watches and sits; my brain
remains the prisoner of a future threat
I once had hair in places I’ve now none
And none in places where I now have hair
Forests to deserts and deserts to forest; my hair
wants only the fertile ground on body and head

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