Writing Iambics

I’m just listening to Stephen Fry’s audiobook “The Ode Less Travelled”, great fun, I’ll do my exercises here. First one is to write 20 iambic pentameters, so here goes (might be dull, I promise nothing!)

The sky succumbed to blueness without end
My broken mind appreciates the warmth
Computer screen you glow with pregnant rage
An orchid white and pristine on a shelf
Looks down upon my world, my life, benign
No triffid she, keeps silence to herself
While I rewrite another ugly line
My bedroom’s clean, I tidied up today
Bin Laden’s dead (or so they said at work)
How would we know, they won’t show us his head
The screaming masses chant, hooray and sing
Ignoble sight for all the world to see
When really all we want is freedom back
As people round the world protest and die
An Arab spring? Democracy they want
But foreign troops solve no domestic plight
Freedom can be taken but not giv’n
The economic outlook is quite poor
When all our politicians are so weak
It’s jobs for life; we should show them the door
Corruption, graft and spin is their technique,
Ineptitude spills money to the floor
Makes me so angry I can’t even speak
I met a girl with eyes that spoke in verse
I serenaded all with drink and song

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