Is it better to have loved and lost?

The Pain of Knowledge of Love

The battle lines are drawn in sand today
Love can kill, but love can help you live
The feelings that I’m feeling yet again
Grip my heart with pain I won’t forgive
Small explosions, nerve endings ripped raw
Licking flames reach a heart made of straw.
The young don’t understand the benefit,
Hearts unscarred by war in realms of love;
Where foreign troops’ more vicious arms commit
Crimes so cruel that even God above
Cries in shame at a game played by brutes
Stomping on fragile hearts with their boots.
I almost wish my heart was young again
Lightly walk through minefields unaware
Without the fear of losing oxygen,
Suffocating, lungs empty of air.
I want sun, I want fields, I want light,
Feeling free, flying high as a kite.
Though I remember how it felt so good
I remember how it felt so bad
One moment you are walking through a wood
Struck by beauty, heart so free and glad
But the change makes your heart silhouette
Splits your chest with a chasmic regret
(Why’s a hole so damned hard to forget?!!)

Real sentiments, this was written as an exercise, the rules of which are below…

The poem will consist of 6-line stanzas.

The first and third lines will be iambic pentameter.

The  second and fourth lines will be trochaic, consisting of five stressed and four unstressed syllables.

The fifth and sixth lines will consists of three anapests each.
The rhyme scheme will be a-b-a-b-c-c.

Make the poem at least two stanzas.

d’Dum, d’Dum, d’Dum, d’Dum, d’DAY, 
Dum, d’Dum, d’Dum, d’Dum, d’BEE,
d’Dum, d’Dum, d’Dum, d’Dum, d’DAY,
Dum, d’Dum, d’Dum, d’Dum, d’BEE,
d’d’Dum, d’d’Dum, d’d’CEE,
d’d’Dum, d’d’Dum, d’d’CEE,

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