What energises me?

Today I’m asked a simple yet deep question
What energises me, what makes me fly?
I answered “Give me eggs for my digestion!”
‘Cos nothing else quite hits the same bullseye!
But then I asked myself “What does she mean?”
I leap spry from my bed when being whipped
– An impulse driven force, unlike cuisine.
Yet there’s another force by which I’m gripped;
That force (and here I think I’ve got her measure)
Is what makes me adventure, makes me grin,
It makes me seek forbidden gems of pleasure
– To not get caught is nitroglycerine!
Yet after things of beauty and of sin,
What energises me’s is being tested.
When I skydive or race it’s manifested,
Or ski at speed or as comedian,
It’s when you challenge me I’m interested:
The energy’s the buzz; Adrenaline.

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