Advice for booking in to comedy gigs

I regularly receive emails from comics looking for spots at comedy nights I run. Below is some advice about booking in.

How to contact the promoter

Different promoters like to be contacted in different ways, and the fastest way to get into a promoter’s bad books is to contact them in a way that they do not use. If they use Facebook, don’t text them, if they prefer the phone, don’t email them, and if they prefer email, definitely don’t Facebook them. If you do you are unlikely to get a response and if they remember you they won’t have fond memories.

What to write

Promoters receive a great deal of messages asking to play at their clubs, so make sure you put all the relevant information in any messages to them. Always include

–          a telephone number

–          an email address

–          your comedy cv (if you’ve done 3 gigs, that’s fine, let them know you are a new comic, if they’ve a spot for a new comic they may put you on, but if you put nothing they almost certainly won’t)

–          a link to a video clip if you have one (don’t worry if you don’t)

N.B. The above remains true even if you know the promoter quite well; 1) it is always useful for them to be reminded that you are a comic as well as a friend, 2) they may have overlooked you because they figured you didn’t want a gig as you hadn’t asked for one, or because when they were going through their emails of people after gigs, there wasn’t one from you so it slipped their mind, and 3) it is never any harm to remind them of what you have been doing and it makes it easier for them to remember if you have furnished them with that information.

Don’t take it personally

Finally, don’t expect a reply and don’t take that lack of reply (or any reply that is more abrupt than you would have liked) personally.

Promoters receive a ridiculous amount of emails, replying takes up time they often don’t have. If you want to gig for them, continue to jog their memory that you are available (but don’t spam them, and what constitutes spam differs from individual to individual) and sooner or later you may get a gig.

Good luck!


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