“Sexy Nakedcore Girl”

I was just checking out how people were coming to my blog, so had a look at the search terms used and was surprised to find that someone came there through looking for “sexy nakedcore girl”!

How on fucking earth!! It’s true, I Googled it, and it is there on the third page. How crap must online porn be if, after 3 pages, people have still not found what they want and so decide to check out a blog post about dealing with hecklers…

And now of course, by referencing it, that search term will bring more people to my blog. That is crazy!!

Please let me make this clear: If you want porn, you are in the wrong place my friend. I do now start to wonder what the theme for my website really is though, or maybe it is like Playboy, were Google shows you the pictures, but thinks that by page three you will be bored and want something more intelligent, so come to my blog and learn something new.

Beautiful people, I love you and leave you to your day, good luck in your quest. And if I have have had a hand in your enlightenment, I was not using the phrase euphemistically.


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