Long Form Immersion, Day 5, with Rachael Mason

For our final class with Rachael, we worked on various forms. This was superb fun and a great way to finish off the week.

The Invocation
|> 1  “I see”
|> 2  “You are”
|> 3  “Thou art”
|> 4  “I am”

1 Describes the object
2 Gives the object’s purpose
3 Speaks of the object raised as art
4 What have we conjured, thematically speaking?

|> 1  “I see”   – the detail of its superficial being
|> 2  “You are”   – the detail ofits superficial purpose
|> 3  “Thou art”   – the higher purpose, the artistic character of the the object
|> 4  “I am”   – the soul of the object, as built from 1-3 above

So, a briefcase might be:
1  I see brown leather, I see wear on the handle, I see fraying on the corners
2  You are what I carry legal papers in, you are what I use to protect myself from the rain
3  Thou art a case for clandestine deals, thou art a pocket of lies
4  I am business, I am evil

For example.
To create this, do a whole number of ones until it feels heightened enough, there is no more, then go to number twos, etc. Ultimately you create a whole device.

This can be done as an entity in and of itself. **However it can also be done as the opening of a Harold**.

Another way to do this is to do the 1s, then do scenes based on them, the twos, scenes based on them, the 3s, scenes based on them, the 4s, scenes based on them, then a boom finish (the word itself? Maybe a tie up scene)

One word at a time story
We did this at speed, then we did it pointing at someone to take the next word (made it easier). Finally we tried to not use extraneous words. This really drove the story forwards at speed and was much ore interesting. More thought required. Would make a great practice exercise.

The Deconstruction
1  Root scene 1
2  3 Theme based scenes
3  Root scene 2
4  5 Tangent based scenes
5  Root scene 3
6  7-10 Comment based scenes
7  Root scene 4

1  Root scene 1 – Long, 2 person scenes. Everything else comes from this
2  3 Theme based scenes – Going off the feelings that come from the root scne
3  Root scene 2 – A continuation of Root scene 1; same people, different time, possibly different location, etc.
4  5 Tangent based scenes – Going off specifics from Root scene 2 words, games, etc
5  Root scene 3 – Continuation of Root scene 2, same people, built further
6  7-10 Comment based scenes – Opinion based scenes, with tag outs, call backs, swing doors etc
7  Root scene 4 – STL, ties it all together.

The more dramatic and the less comedy in the root scene helps create the contrast. This makes the rest more fun and easier.

The Root scene can become myriad other scenes. There is no right.

Rachael’s Nuggets
Be fearless

Long form is just a structure to hang good scenework on

Fear and Judgement are the enemy of improv.

Practice being specific.

The Annoyance – is the X factor
The iO – is the Heart
The Second City – is the Head
ComedySports – is the Head and the Heart

New York – concentrates on the Game
Chicago – concentrates on the Relationship
LA – concentrates on Character
Montreal – concentrates on Narrative


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