Long Form Immersion, Day 5, with Susan Messing

Think. What is an interesting way of giving a location?

Susan’s Nuggets
Do the fun, not the funny. React with body over voice.

Within group mind, sound is great, action is great. The transformation game, use your body and voice, but not necessarily words.

Get specific. What does the physicality feel like? Identify it, and then become it. Keep being aware of everything that is happening; watch as everything changes; add to the change. This is group mind.

The moment that you know what you are doing, let your friends know. Using words is fine. Be specific. Talk about the Grand Nationaly, 1984, not just a “horse race”.

Ambiguity is no fun for your friends. Be friendly, be specific.

The specific detail tells us where I am.

Make everything as big as you want, keep pushing the agenda.

Heighten everything. Start with the physicality and heighten it.

Be in a scene where smoething has already happened: “Father, you don’t look happy that I have cheated on my with” is better than “Father, I have cheated on my wife.”

We did an interpretation game. Someone would sit on the chair in a specific fashion, we interpreted the physicality. The exercise is to come up with as many suggestions as possible as to what they look like.

When making a statement, be specific, let us know the location. To believe your own statement, you have to be active. Bring your own physicality.

As with the Annoyance, take care of yourself with the statement. So, what does that physicality tell me about me? Choose your own physicality, and remember the details of it. Then bring those details back in later on.

Susan’s Nuggets
Remember to turn your scene partners into Heroes and Artists

Deal with what is in front of you and make it even more true to you.

We did a two person interview based on how we were sitting, Susan questioning. Sometimes negative, but positive is great fun too. Believe in your character – let it be real to you in that moment.

Susan’s Nuggets
“Rub my face in this shit” – the more that you touch, taste, feel and fuck this shit, the more real it is”. Touch, taste, feel and fuck. Let it be viscerally real. The more real it is to you, the more real it is to the audience.

You + Me + World = Scene

The more you touch, taste, feel, fuck it, the mre real it is and the less you worry about being right.


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