I stamp, You stamp, He, She and It stamps

When I came out here, I brought a bunch of business cards, and I thought that if I could get a rubber stamp with my local telephone number on it, I could stamp my business cards with it for handing out. I went into a FedEx office, and was served by a new employee, Jason.

Jason was a big, friendly man, who couldn’t have been more helpful. I wanted to check something on the internet to make sure I had the detail correct, but Jason didn’t want to do so because he was worried that it would look like he was accessing the internet on company time, and it made me realise quite how fragile a job position really is here in the US.

I ordered the stamp, it cost only about $12, and left. Then I found that my new SIM card wasn’t working, so on Sunday I had to take it back. The guy at Best Buy was very helpful and changed it for me, but I now had a new telephone number. I headed straight back to the FedEx office – which is open 24 hours a day, they really dig their packages out here. Jason quickly sorted out the change in phone number. It couldn’t be done that night, so he made sure that it would be dealt with the following day. This was a small thing, but he still helped in a very personal fashion and it was appreciated.

The following Thursday I phoned up to find out if the stamp was finished (I did find it a little strange that it was delivered to FedEx, a postal service, by the US postal service. A postal service…). Anyway, Jason checked on it and told me he would keep an eye on it. Sure enough, that he did, phoning me on Friday to tell me when it would arrive, and then on Saturday that it had. I like this customer service! I headed in to the shop, and although Jason wasn’t there, everyone knew about the mad Englishman and his business card stamp. A splendid stamp it is, purple ink, just the job.

Except that it has not worked out quite like that. The business cards are decent quality and waterproof, so when I stamp them, the ink cannot absorb into the paper. It therefore just smears across them, and if it doesn’t smear as I stamp them, it smears over the course of the next few hours. Yes, few hours; I stamped half a dozen cards over 3 hours ago and the ink hasn’t dried!

If you are travelling, do get a stamp made up, but aim to stamp paper not your business cards. As such, make sure to get your name on the stamp too. Oh well. Still, I now have a fun new way of tagging girls in nightclubs…


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