Comedy Song. Informal

This song was written off the back of hearing an improvised tune from Jeff. We had 15 minutes, this is what I came up with…
It’s a little harsh.

Title: The World is Too Informal

Man to his wife, discussing the kids, a bit of a scene discussing how children go out sloppily dressed.

Their trousers are down, why can’t they use a belt?
And maybe a tie, and a hat made from felt.

In fact, make it formal, with a separate collar
And cufflinks in their shirts which they starched for a dollar.

And write with a pen that needs ink from a well
And 8 knives and forks, and be served with a bell.

Bridge (I didn’t have time to write):
Relax, let them learn how to do things themselves, the world has changed, give them some slack

Reply from the father:
They’ll grow up in the army, ‘cos they can’t swing the lead
If they come back from war either injured or dead!


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