Comedy Songs. Filth.

The songs we came up with for the class were not particularly well scanned, because one of the key things we tried to do was to write them at high speed, the aim being to write a song in about 20 minutes, to refine later if we so chose.

Funny is more important than the craft…

The first song was one we came up with together. As with all songs, the key was to base it on an opinion. The opinion for this was that people are filthy.

Done in the style of R and B

The chorus was :
Baby, funk me up,
Baby, funk me up,
Girl, do you know what a bath tub is?
Baby, funk me up!

The verse:
  Baby don’t you dial my digits
  When you’re sitting on the throne.
  You think that I can’t see you
  But I can smell it through the phone!

  You put your paws on everything
  Like you’re reading lines of braille,
  You never wash your hands
  And you’ve shit under your thumb nail.

The bridge (where we change things up and either have a conversion or a confirmation afterwards):
This, sung by a loo itself:
Don’t be scared of us public potties
  We build up your antibodies;
  If you’re a nobody, or if you’ve got fame,
  Sitting here you’re all the same!


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