ComedySportz 303 with Kat Gotsick

Another fun lesson with Kat. She is always a very bouncy and happy lady! I also found out that she wrote much of the ComedySportz curriculum…

We started the lesson with standing facing the wall and going through various emotions from 1-10.

2 people leave the room.
The audience choose something that is an everyday activity (i.e. waking up)
Then they choose something that happened as the reason for having done the previous thing (but completely unassociated)
And then they choose a famous person from history and a celebrity

The 2 come back in and sit down, as if being interrogated by the police, and two “policemen” offer clues while interrogating them as to what they have done, why and who they are, one clue at a time.

4 rooms
The stage is split into 4 quadrants, with a different emotion for each quadrant.

As you stand in each quadrant, you change your emotions. At the start of the game, you stand in each one and say and act that emotion, for the benefit of both the audience and to help remember.

Then we play a scene on this stage. Make sure to play both the game and the emotion.

An advanced move is to have one foot in one quadrant and the other in another.

Soap Opera
With 3 players, we played 3 scenes with 3 separate pairs of characters.
It is key that the names are said clearly and several times so that we know who everyone is.

In these scenes, we need the names, the relationships and their reasons for doing things.

Then we have 3 scenes with a mix of the characters. Keep repeating the names. This is very soap opera, and cliches are great!
Think plot related cliches. And keep repeating the names!

Remember in this that you have two characters, make them very clearly different from one another and clearly defined. Maybe choose a physicality.

Whatever you choose, commit to it thoroughly, this will take the audience with you.
When in doubt, play harder (remember Susan Messing: If you are not having fun, you are the arsehole)

After School Special
This is similar to the soap opera, however the story here is a bunch of scenes where a normal kid gets addicted to something normal (the suggestion – like a broom).
This is a game of heightening more and more, until they hit rock bottom. Then they see someone who has been through it all and so they reassess their life. They then return to the fold.
At the end, either bring in a celebrity to finish it or they come forward and say what lesson they have learnt.


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