ComedySportz, level 2 with Mel Evans

I love my classes with Mel, they are such an antidote to the rest; a chance to refresh my brain and just play. Today we were concentrating on points of view and emotion, committing at a 10 and having fun.

Who you are can be stated or implied through how you treat your partner.

The “What” should be able to be boiled down to a single word by the end of the scene, it doesn’t need necessarily to be stated at the top.

The “Where” should be obvious, it will ground you and give you options.

What the character’s focus is, their intention, immediate or long term. It is great if the audience knows this, however, firstly it is important that you yourself know this.

French Maid into 3 line scene
Here, in a circle, the person in the middle turns to one person for a character, to another for an emotion, and then to a third initiates a scene. This goes on for 2 more lines back and forth.

Monologue rant
Everyone acts like a single person, each jumping in after a few words to complete the sentences, copying the physicality and emotion as much as possible.

We then did 2 person scenes with an emotion and a physicality. These were continues to the point that you can determine the word that describes the scene, so that the third person then enters the scene and heightens it. (So do so)

Remember, emotion at a 10, physicality at a 10.

Oscar Winning Moment
Here, we do scenes, and when the referee says Oscar Winning Moment to one of us, that person steps out and massively overacts for 30 seconds.
(This is basically a normal scene with a walk on)

The key in this is to remember that this is still a scene, so don’t fuck up all your good scenework just because you are worried about your moment. Make sure the scene works first and foremost, has a nice strong base from which to launch these moments.
The Who, What, Where, look after yourself through specificity, emotion and physicality.

New Choice
Here you play a scene, and every time the ref calls “new choice” you make a new choice of response to what your partner said or whatever has just happened.
Remember, build a strong scene to start with.

This is a great way to thing further through things and to push your brain. Tricky and great fun.


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