Practice Jokes 7

Some practice jokes from the New York Times, 30 August, 2012. Only a few this time!

Harvard University revealed Thursday what could be its largest cheating scandal in memory. Because at Harvard this type of thing is more normally swept under the carpet.

The University has said that about 125 students might have worked in groups on a take-home final exam despite being explicitly required to work alone. The University expressed pride that so many of this class had managed to overcome their social awkwardness and work in a team.

Same joke said differently to try to make it better (hmm):
While students at other universities would have to be told to work alone, this has never been considered necessary at Harvard, as undergraduates there generally find that teamwork requires too much social aptitude.

The Harvard Crimson, the university’s student newspaper, and so named because it’s just another bloody rag, reported that it was a government class, Introduction to Congress. The students pointed out that cheating is one of the key learning outcomes of a class designed to prepare them for a career in politics. or lobbying.


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