London’s streets – paved with Wood, Asfalt, Granite, Rubber and Gold?

I wondered when London became paved, and though I’ve still not found the full answer, I have discovered the following. I had had no idea that, 1 the streets of London were so dangerous to the horses, and 2 that so many of them were so loud that they even drove custom away. Imagine a street paved with slabs of granite, over which carts with steel hooped wheels would roll. What a racket – and what an uncomfortable ride…

Victorian commentary on “modern” pavings

Personally, I’m not going to pan for gold either on the streets or in sewers. Well, maybe in the sewers. It’s always warm in a sewer.

Paved with gold. For real

Ah, those knowledgeable people at Wikipedia. One tends to forget that the road system was the original internet.

What Wikipedia says about roads

Something for nothing always sounds good, but next time you step out of the front door, look down and realise that very likely the road you are standing on was originally made with slave labour. Eventually, someone had to pay, so they worked out a way of passing the cost to the consumer. Now we just have taxes. As certain as death. And being the taxman, he makes you pay for death too.

If taxes are supposed to pay for things that benefit us, a charge to the consumer if you will so that road tax is supposed to pay for the roads and cigarette tax for the NHS, one might say that only an accountant would suggest dieing is a benefit to the dead person. Whoever came up with the idea of taxing the dead was clearly a genius! That said, the article below is about roads. Enjoy. I did.

Wikipedia article on Turnpikes, or how Britain’s roads were paid for


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