Lime Green Doesn’t Exist!

I’m colourblind, and had an argument about the colour of a cloth that I insisted was yellow. Apparently it was in fact lime green. Well that’s the theory, however it turns out that lime green doesn’t exist and is just a trick of the Leprechauns. Don’t believe me? Below is an ancient poem that proves it!!

Beware, ye travellers to the rainbow’s birth,
Where green as emerald is the earth.

It leaps from a pot, so the story’s told,
That’s heaped with ancient coins of gold;
A gold so yellow it blinds the eyes
And’s only visible to those who are wise.

For the leprechauns protect their hoard
With the citrus charms of a legend’s sword,
That makes you believe that what you’ve seen
Is the mystical colour that’s known as “lime green”

But really the colour was always yellow
‘Cos the wisest of all is the colourblind fellow…


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