Back on the horse

Get back on the horse. A great truth, both metaphorically speaking and in fact. The horse I most recently fell off was one that I’d only just mounted, that of writing for 30 minutes daily, something funny about the day before. In my defence, my technology failed me, but to my detraction, technology returned on Thursday, yet my remounting has taken until today. Which effectively means that I wasn’t bucked off, my horse merely went lame but I chose not to go riding because of the weather. After all, being a computer, bucking me off is going to be a pretty rare event.

So, what have I amused myself with over the past week that I can regale you with. Well, my joy has mainly come from my puppy. And this is because puppies truly are bundles of joy. Granted, their rear ends are often less than joyless, however I’ve been spared that particular ignominy this week. Right now, she is curled up in a ball of black fluff, next to me on my bed. Because I am that type of dog owner; I write my blog in bed, and my hound gets to be here too.

Nyxie is very happy at the moment, as I have located a new butcher here in Battersea. I say new, but what I should say is just “butcher”, because there are almost none, and he’s only new to me. Although, the world does revolve around me, so I’ll stick with “new”. More satisfying.

Anyway, she has been treated with a marrowbone almost the same size as her, and that is currently her favourite possesion. I suspect I may be up there in favourite possesions too, as she gets very whiney whenever I’m not around, making leaving her anywhere quite difficult. Which does imply that my training of her is somewhat haphazard.

From a training perspective, she knows sit, and that is pretty much it. To be fair to her, I’ve had girlfriends who wouldn’t even do that. And it is a little like having a girlfriend.

The good bits of this type of girlfriend are the amount of attention she gives me and the fact that she is always happy to see me. And that I get to keep her in a cage? She is beautiful and tiny, and always playing around. And whenever she’s with me, other girls find me more attractive. She never complains or nags me, and although she likes glossy magazines, it is so that she can shred them all over the floor with great joy! And she can fit her head in a pint glass. Never had a girlfriend that could do that.

The bad bits are that she always wants to be with me. And sometimes I have to go out honey. I know you fit into my satchel, but you really wouldn’t like the gig, too loud, too many people. Oh please don’t whine…

Still, generally she is a perfect girlfriend.

Granted, there are other things that come with girlfriends that I also enjoy, but I do now understand why a dog is a man’s best friend.


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