I wouldn’t start from here…


Last night I arrived in Belfast, and instructed my phone’s Google Navigation to direct me to Enniskillen, about 90 miles overland due west. Now, I know that historically Northern Ireland hasn’t been the safest place in the world, but even if Belfast’s Europa Hotel holds the slightly dodgy accolade of being the most bombed hotel in the world (I once abseiled down it – for charity, it wasn’t a one man assault on the place), and notwithstanding the four letter bombs that dissident Republicans have sent to the Stormont parliament in the past fortnight (over here, “Pass the Parcel” is considered more of a training exercise than a children’s game), to be instructed by my sat nav that my best route was to take a ferry to Liverpool, go to Wales, take another ferry to Dublin and drive up from there, did seem a little extreme.


In fact, my other options were even more surreal: Take the ferry to Liverpool, drive to Stanraer in Scotland – and then take another ferry back to Belfast! Finally heading west by coming past where I was sitting.

“You want to get there? Well I wouldn’t start from here.” Well no, clearly you wouldn’t, but HERE is where I am, and HERE is where I must start from. That is a great rule for driving and it’s a great rule for life. I imagine, when dead and in one of 4 places (Heaven, Hell, Purgatory, or what really happens, a Grave?), it’s a fairly good rule then too. But too many people live under the shadow of “should”. They wouldn’t start from here because the start “should” be elsewhere.

The start is here. I repeat: The start is here, right here. It may be a puddle, but if you don’t like it, get out or become a duck.

But what is my point? My point is that no matter what we think the world “should” be or how people “should” act, the world “will” be as it is, and people act in a relatively predictable way that is rarely the way that they “should” (unless you think people “should” act like dicks. In that case, they often do.)

Bearing this in mind, my philosophy is to become a duck. If I possibly can, I learn to like the right here. However, I am an industrious duck. Maybe an indian runner duck. And right now, a call duck. I am calling the world because I want things to be better. And that is why I am launching “Legacy: The Grandchildren’s Party”. Things can be better. Even starting from here.

In my next post, I will give some more detail. I hope the name is also fairly self explanatory, although as a grandchild at a party, aged only 7, I got remarkably drunk on perry… What can I say. Parties arranged by grandparents in Northern Ireland.

However, here we are. Let’s start!
Legacy: The Grandchildren’s Party



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