10 Reasons Why I Love You

If you start to type on Google, “ten reas”, it automatically decides that what you are looking for is “ten reasons why I love you”.

This seems very arbitrary to me. Why 10 reasons? If I love you, I will certainly not limit myself to a set number of reasons why, any more that I would limit myself to ten ways of how (and given I intend this to be a clean post, I won’t be detailing any of those ways here. Ok, Google “Torture Gardens” if you must, hhhhph!)

Secondly, love is inherently unreasonable. If I love someone or something, it won’t be for the conscious reasons, it will be from an inner gurning of the soul, the gremlin inside me that plucks on my heart strings with its wide eyed, manic grin, encouraging me to step off the path of reason and into the freefall abyss of possibility. Depravity or beauty may ensue. Sometimes at the same time. And as in a dream, the rapid descent on wings of nothing towards a solidly approaching end are thrilling, terrifying, and entirely out of my control.

Thirdly, what is this love on which Google speaks? Google, is an analyst, and knows nothing of love. Live Smaug, Tolkein’s dragon, Google hoards other people’s information gold: it gathers, it sits upon it, but what does Smaugoogle actually know in it’s vast, unfeeling heart. We are all mere Hobbits before it (if we wear the ring and disappear, are we in the darknet?), and we journey, each of us heroes in our own stories, towards an unknown and unknowable end-page of an epic. Yes, there may be love, yes, there may be heartbreak, but that is ours, not the Smaugoogle’s. If someone rips pages out of the book, it is a physical book, not an ethereal digital entity. And while the book gets buried or incinerated, the myth lives on, part of Smaugoogle’s pile. But only the book itself was real!

Finally, who the hell are you? I know I love many things and people, but I have no idea who is reading this. If I have never met you, then I can spare you some small ounce of my love (I have loads to go around, and I know where it grows). If I know you, I probably love you already, but that is between you and me. And if I have never met you but you are incredibly hot, intelligent, and know how to walk a dog, well, all the love exists in potential form, a seed awaiting planting, ready to repopulate a world barren of a love never before seen. After the Meteor that wiped out the dinosaurs, along came the mammals, and after the blight that wiped out the sweet innocence of youth, along came a new world of maturity, filled with the butterflies of experience ready to sup from the sweet nectar of a life in bloom. So get in touch:)

However, the question was asked, I might as well come up with an un-thought-through answer. The 10 reasons why I love you:

1 – You make gravity pull less on my shoulders so I walk with a giant heart.
2 – I can see the future in your eyes, a future where we will eat dates and mangos and not worry about the juice on the bedclothes.
3 – When you speak, I hear the perfection of heaven, but a heaven full of unexplored attics and closets, of sunlit treetop houses and gurgling fish-filled streams, secluded for us to write our own adventure.
4 – My nostrils are coaxed by your scent as I smell each individual hair on your neck, and that sprite in my heart excitedly tickles the high notes of a harp that plays just for you.
5 – The gentlest touch of your fingertips penetrates to the central depths of my soul with the electricity of lightening, and so intensely it is an almost joyous pain.
6 – They say there are 5 tastes, yet life with you is more delicious, a supper of a kaleidoscope at a rave.
7 – I can detect your presence from a distance and find myself barking, puppylike at the door, wondering why you are not yet here and tickling my belly or taking me for a walk in the park.
8 – Our passion is an ice cube filled with fire, a physical reaction that explodes with heat and cold, like a frozen comet hurtling uncontrollably towards a welcoming sun.
9 – Together we are as joy condensed, a vast, overflowing series of smiles, laughter, wonderfulness, we are happiness that is so great it exhausts us and yet, like addicts, the more we get, the more we want, not caring whether we live or die, because for each other there is only you and me.

10 – And finally, I love you because I do.

I hope that’s good enough for you. And if you came to this blog, searching for 10 reasons why you love someone yourself, well sod off and find your own reasons!


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