Scratch the piggy!

I have been discovering that, while there are answers to most things on the internet, there is not, it seems, the answer to making decent pork scratchings. So, I am remedying it.

I enjoy getting a pork chop or a shoulder of delicious piggy now and then, but making crackling without doing a proper roast is really difficult. Or can be, if you don’t do as I have discovered! I accidentally chanced on a video about cooking bacon in water – you cover the bacon in water, boil it off and continue frying, and the bacon is succulent, crunchy and delicious. But, doing the same with pork scratchings doesn’t quite work. So, here’s the Al Cowie method.
Enjoy, your arteries will thank me 🙂

First, take the rind off the pork chop or the skin off the shoulder / leg / whatever. Then chop it (scissors work best) into small chunks – inch by half inch works well, but hey, use the rule of thumb. If your thumb is roughly that size.

Take all your thumb sized chunks of pig skin (actually, you can cut it way smaller too, might be even better), put them in a frying pan and cover them with water. Then boil off the water. You will find that the rinds go all soft and probably stick to the pan, but don’t worry too much. Generally, just don’t worry too much.

Once all the water has boiled off, take the juicy, soggy rinds and put them in a pan, and put them into the oven. Then bake until they are itchy scratchy, perfectly crunchy scratchings.

Cover with salt and pepper, and you have the best scratchings – and all of them are perfectly crunchy.

I thank you. Now go feed yourself.


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