I want to speak better!

We all want to speak better, from the expert who still has more to learn to the novice who fears the very idea speaking in public. And we all have our reasons why. What are yours?

I want to give an excellent speech;
I want to have a confident stage presence;
I want to be able to face anything that comes my way;

I want to impress my colleagues / boss / employees;
I want to sell more;
I want a pay rise;

I want to be able to give feedback in a way that motivates rather than criticises;
I want to be able to disarm and resolve conflict;

I want to be able to talk to the media;
I want to be able to deal with tricky questions;
I want to be able to think on my feet;

I just want to be better in all my communications!

There are many other reasons why we might want to be better speakers, and the best news is that it really is all learnable.

When I coach a speaker, I look at content, delivery and stage craft. While every speaker is different, the areas that best help a speaker is never a case of just working on weaknesses, it is also always one of working on, and towards, strengths – not least because no one can do you like you can do you, and that is always a strength!

So, if you are ready to be better as a speaker in any of the above ways, either in general or towards a specific speech, a great first step is talk to me. Your aims will be my aims, and together we will get you to achieve your potential – and often that potential is substantially beyond what my clients initially thought even possible.

Feedback I have had recently:

“Al was hugely helpful in helping me shape my talk, and inspired it to be fun and engaging. He was proactive, patient, and generous with his time and insights” – client

“After hearing your client’s speech, I’m ready to put another $100 million into the fund” – an investor

“If I hear any more compliments about your client’s speech, I’m going back to my hotel room” – another speaker



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