These are links that interest me for a variety of reasons. Enjoy!

Improv – General Resources

The Improv Encyclopedia
The London Improv Blog, nice improv content
Chicago Improv Network, forum for Chicago improvisers
List of great improv sites
“Yes, and” video
An extensive set of video interviews with some amazing improvisers and teachers
Mick Napier’s 12 steps to being a better improviser
Mick Napier’s journal of directing a Second City Mainstage show – lots of genius thoughts here, really worth a read
Kirk Damato’s Improv is Easy blog – lots of nice content
Richard BF’s improv blog
Chicago Comedy’s recommended reading list
Getting better each and every show using little bits of paper

Improv – Schools
Second City school of improv in Chicago
iO school of improv in Chicago
Annoyance Theatre in Chicago
ComedySportz Theatre in Chicago

Matt Matheson’s blog of his 5 week intensive course at iO

Wilmops improv troupe

Comedians and their blogs
The lovely Ian Hawkins, Comedian!
Raphael Perahia, Comedian…
The very splendid Matt Price, Comedian
Adam Bloom, superb comedian, superb bloke!
Tony Harries personal website
Danny Steele, radio presenter, comedian and all round good bloke

Casting Agents
The Eye casting agency
BamXtras casting agency

Stand Up Comedy
Manchester Comedy Forum discussion / advice on setting up and running a good comedy night
New York Times article on Memory Palaces and memorising – interesting because of how it relates to becoming a better comedian.

Nice blog entry – 10 Secrets to creating unforgettable characters
Breaking Bad storytelling: a character with a desire
How to Write a Movie, According to Screenwriters
Basic Screenplay Structure
“Save The Cat” beat sheet

OnFM Radio, 101.4
Early Bird Speakers, my Toastmasters club

Colebrooke, Northern Ireland
Galgorm Castle golf course, Northern Ireland


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