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Annoyance 202 with Megan Johns

In this class, after the warm up, we started off with doing a bunch of solo initiations.
The aim of these was to make physical, emotional and spatial choices, and to mix them up as much as possible, so that whenever Megan would say “switch”, the person on stage would make a new initiation, with a new physical choice, a new emotional choice, and in a new part of the stage.

This exercise forced us to come up with something interesting, to use the whole stage, and to push our own mental boundaries.

As Susan Messing says, we are only limited by our lack of imagination and our failure to commit.

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Solo Performance with Michael Lehrer, 25 August

This is yet another of the classes I am taking at iO, at the end of which we will have a class show of our work.

Mike is a man who likes his pedal bikes, and taught much of the class from a chrome handled, low riding, chopper style bike that he’d brought into the classroom. When we see it this week, he has told us it will have been repainted by a graffiti artist friend of his, a piece of art to look forward to seeing.

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