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Alexander Technique and how to be brilliant!

Breaking your neck can be a frightful drag. I certainly found it so. For a start, there are the mobility issues; the doctor told me I shouldn’t ride a bike for 6 months for fear of falling off. I didn’t even get that warning after I got hit by a lorry.

Reading the above, if you don’t know my history you might be thinking I’m being flippant. And I suppose that, to a degree, I am. I was incredibly lucky, a compression fracture of C7, the same as Christopher Reeve, from a very similar accident; the strength of the muscles in my neck protected me from damaging the spinal cord. And that despite doing some very stupid things in the weeks following it happening. All this for another time. I want now to write about my ongoing recovery.

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Improv Workshop: how to be the straight man

Yesterday in our improv session we had a workshop led by Raphael Perahia, based on a workshop he did when he was recently in New York, on being the straight man in a scene. It was one of the most interesting and productive sessions we have done and there were some lovely scenes by everyone. The technique resulted in everyone doing something different from what I have seen them do before, and has added a nice new skill to our toolbox.

Who is the straight man?

Raph and Ed look on

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