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This is the Key of Heaven

This is the Key of Heaven                         This is the Key of the Kingdom
This is the Key of Heaven:                                       This is the Key of the Kingdom:
In my Heaven there’s a dormitory;                                 In that Kingdom is a city;
In that dormitory there’s a gown;                                          In that city is a town;
Below that gown there is a bed;
On that bed there spreads a sheet;                          In that town there is a street;
On that sheet there spills a stain;                       In that street there winds a lane;
On that stain there sits a card;                                     In that lane there is a yard;
On that card there is a mouse;                                  In that yard there is a house;
By that mouse there is a broom;                      In that house there waits a room;
That brooms background’s coloured red;                In that room an empty bed;
And that red is the colour of passion –                       And on that bed a basket –
Passion for a night of pleasure:                                     A basket of sweet flowers:
               Of Pleasure, of pleasure;                           Of flowers, of flowers;
               Passionate, sweet pleasure.              A basket of sweet flowers.
Pleasure in passion;                                                                      Flowers in a Basket;
Passion that is red;                                                                           Basket on the bed;
Red swept by the broom;                                                             Bed in the chamber;
Broom held by the mouse;                                                      Chamber in the house;
Mouse on the merry card;                                                House in the weedy yard;
Card on the grimy stain;                                                    Yard in the winding lane;
Stain on the soiled sheet;                                                    Lane in the broad street;
Sheet on the knackered cot;                                
Cot bearing the strewn robe;                                                Street in the high town;
Robe in the room;                                                                                Town in the city;
Room in Heaven –                                                                       City in the Kingdom –
This is the Key of Heaven.                                        This is the Key of the Kingdom.
              Of Heaven this is the Key             Of the Kingdom this is the Key.

by Al Cowie                                                               by Anon