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The Story of My Online Dating Profile

I admit it. I do online dating. Then again, who doesn’t these days.

I recently got fed up with the whole blandness of the thing and decided to give my profile a bit of texture, a bit of fun. Unfortunately, many people read these things at face value – which I find even funnier. Although as such, while I was hoping for feisty girls, I have also attracted one or two nutters…

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The 30 minute Solo (and two person) improv warm up

If you want to improve at improvisation, it really helps to practice. But if you are all by yourself, what can you do? Well quite a lot as it turns out.

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Practice Jokes Infrared Vision Rat

Scientists at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina recently hooked up a rat’s brain to an infrared detector. They would have used one of their students, but couldn’t find one intelligent enough.

The first animal to be given a sixth sense, his catch phrase is “I eat dead people…”

Unlike the control subject (a human with IR goggles), the rat didn’t once look at the female research assistant’s chest.

Practice Jokes 15

Practice jokes from an article at Yorkshire Coast Radio on 17th October 2012.

A blind man in Chorley was tazered after a policeman mistook his white stick for a sword.
Lancashire Constabulary have denied that it was the same officer who last week shot a guide dog fearing it was a dragon.

Mr Farmer, a 61 year old double stroke victim who walks at a “snail’s pace”, collapsed to the floor and was put in handcuffs.
Or as the police report put it, “Mr Farmer is a fit youth who tried to flee the scene before resisting arrest”.

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