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Letting It In and Letting It Out

Once, at a gig in Acton, I was threatened with physical violence by another act. Rather than just responding with a pre-emptive thumping of him myself, I was exceedingly British and apologised for whatever unknown to me thing that I had done to upset him. However, it transpired that that upset was caused by my having been born, as he hates me for being “posh” – tough gig!

You cannot please all the people all the time, and I know that my aim of doing so is, to a degree, a failure. I am learning to “hold on to my shit”, as those brilliant people at the Annoyance Theatre would say. That means, to me, to be honest in my reactions, to believe in my choices, and then to commit to those choices. Of course, to start that and be honest in my reactions, I have to relearn that aspect of my personality that was euthanased by a traditional British upbringing. I have to learn to listen to my emotions, accept them, let them in, let them affect me, and then let the boiling concoction of me plus the new experiences of these overwhelming sensations, overflow into action. And I have to trust myself to do so.

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The 30 minute Solo (and two person) improv warm up

If you want to improve at improvisation, it really helps to practice. But if you are all by yourself, what can you do? Well quite a lot as it turns out.

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ACE? Ah yes, Arts Council England…

This comedy lark is a great game, but there is a serious side. As an art form, it is self financing – as in, I currently finance my art myself. Yes, I get paid gigs here and there, however £100 to headline a gig in Plymouth barely covers the petrol, and whilst I perform maybe 20 nights a month, I am still not at the stage where enough of them pay sufficiently to keep me in tea and biscuits. And I like tea and biscuits.

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