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Comedy Songwriting with Jeff Bouthiette

Here are my final notes on Comedy Songwriting. Jeff talked to us some more about the Second City song writing structures, formats and give us a few tips about pitching. Also, where to put a song, how to use a song, and how to write a satirical musical. Cool!

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Comedy Song. Complicated World

This is the song I wrote as my Comedy Songwriting homework for Wednesday.

For this I imagined myself singing it to the style of Riverdance

Title: The World’s Too Complicated!

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Comedy Songs. Filth.

The songs we came up with for the class were not particularly well scanned, because one of the key things we tried to do was to write them at high speed, the aim being to write a song in about 20 minutes, to refine later if we so chose.

Funny is more important than the craft…

The first song was one we came up with together. As with all songs, the key was to base it on an opinion. The opinion for this was that people are filthy.

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Comedy Songwriting with Jeff Bouthiette, Second City

As well as Writing 1, this week I also had comedy songwriting. I am not sure when I will get a chance to use this skill, however, lots of the things we worked on in this course were useful for other things I am doing, and things from the other things I ma doing proved useful for this course too. A fun week, even if doing two writing courses (3 if you count “Telling your story” which I have on Tuesdays) was certainly challenging regarding the amount of work I had to do!
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