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Desmond’s Nuggets!

All movement is an interplay between energy and relaxation

Below here are the nuggets, some of the theory behind the work that we did on the fabulous mime course. Many of these nuggets go beyond mime and performance, and they show off power, movement, other people’s impressions of things and sometimes our own impressions of ourselves.


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Desmond Jones Mime Workshop, Day 1


Well, I decided to take a mime course with the legendary Desmond Jones, who used to train with Keith Johnstone. I go to Chicago in just over a week and this is part of me getting the most out of my trip. I will be doing an intense amount of improv training while I am out there, and good space work (the ability to mime imaginary objects convincingly) will make a huge difference to my improv progression. That’s the theory.

Over the next few days I will write about the course and post my detailed notes up – information for performers and instructors, but possibly a little dry for others! I will write up the experiential version of the course at some point soon.

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