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Practice jokes 17

Jokes based off this morning’s headlines, 5 November

Today Ed Miliband will unveil plans to deliver a “living wage” of at least £7.20 per hour for millions of people, if Labour wins the next election (although the best paying job for someone with no qualifications whatsoever is still that of politician).
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Practice Jokes 14

A teenager in Lancaster has had to have her stomach removed after drinking a cocktail containing liquid nitrogen. Other bars in the town have since stopped serving the drink in a move described by the Daily Mail as “health and safety gone mad”
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Doing funny radio. In Stoke. On Trent

Yesterday I drove all the way to Stoke. The one that is “-on-Trent”, rather than the one that is “Newington”, which would have been much closer and probably not worth writing about. I am normally quite a late riser, 7.30am being an accepatble time, 9.30am often better, but we had to be in the north by 10am, so 5am it was. It’s as if my schedule doesn’t respect my body’s desire to sleep.
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