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A rant about the iPhone, edited down

The shortened versions of the iPhone rant I rewrote for my Solo Performance class.

Evolution. The full length version of the rants below is in a post further down the blog. I cut that down and changed the tone of it, and it became the bottom iteration on this page. I then tried to cut it again and again changed the tone. It became a different piece, but was still 3 minutes, so that is the middle piece.

Finally, the top piece here is what this has evolved into. Lots of the jokes cut out, this is the “essence” of what I was driving at I suppose. I hope it is the funniest and clearest rant of the 4 (although, I have dropped many jokes that I like – slaughtering one’s babies!). This has been a good exercise in working out what I am talking about, about honing and evolving my work, and basic editing.

Each version has a slightly different game. The very first game was Machines the Work vs Machines that Don’t. In the final version, immediately beneath here, the game is Manliness.

Manliness and The iPhone

Banging rocks together is manly, and a rock is a manly tool. Most modern man tools don’t survive it but, when one of them is my iPhone, I feel like doing just that; then reinventing fire just to throw the bastard device onto it, and then, reinventing the spear, just to poke the fucker.
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Rat Fighting in Chicago; a Rant, a Riposte, and a Rahm

The city Chicago is beefing up its rat fighting detail. Because in Chicago, rat fighting is big business.

And that is sensible, I mean, rats don’t pay taxes, how are they contributing? They live off the generosity of others, trawling through our garbage, they’re uneducated and they don’t have health care. By rat fighting, they get to give something back. The city captures the rats and puts them in rings. They then charge admission and also take a commission from betting. And so the rats on the streets help pay the wages of rats in City Hall.

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Solo Performance with Michael Lehrer, 25 August

This is yet another of the classes I am taking at iO, at the end of which we will have a class show of our work.

Mike is a man who likes his pedal bikes, and taught much of the class from a chrome handled, low riding, chopper style bike that he’d brought into the classroom. When we see it this week, he has told us it will have been repainted by a graffiti artist friend of his, a piece of art to look forward to seeing.

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