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Writing 2 with Nate Herman, How to Develop an SNL Writing Packet

Sketch Comedy’s history is old, in the past couple of hundred years coming from schools and colleges, the end of term skits used to rib the teachers and institutions. Modern sketch really started in 1959, simultaneously out of the University of Chicago in the US, and in the UK from Oxford and Cambridge.
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Writing 2, Saturday Night Live, Cold Opening Sketch

For this task, we have to write a topical sketch for the start of SNL that happens immediately prior to the credits. The task is to come up with something that is topical and or political, and the most topical thing right now is of course the presidential election process currently underway.

Here in the US there is a popular cookery program called Chopped, where contestant chefs battle out to produce the best dish for the judges, each one getting “chopped” until there is a winner. I chose this to parody the election, I hope you enjoy.
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Saturday Night Live, Opening Monologues

This is my second attempt at writing a Saturday Night Live pair of opening monologues (on stage and backstage). I was quite pleased with the last pair, so let’s see if I can do even better with these. I’ve been thinking of a number of people who might make good hosts for SNL and who I might like to write for. My list that I thought through includes:

Stephen Fry, Stephen Marchant, Eddie Izzard, Marc Maron, Doug Stanhope, Boy with Tape on His Face;
Buzz Aldrin, Stephen Hawking, Jeremy Clarkson, The Dalai Lama, Tony Bair, Boris Johnson;
Prince Harry, Zara Philips, Pippa Middleton;

One of the things I wanted to make sure of was to know that I knew the voice of my host properly, hence why I chose Danny McBride before. I so loved Eastbound and Down that it was actually quite easy to write out an idea. However, one of my classmates also wrote for Danny McBride and, as I am keen to challenge myself, I decided that I out to try to do a different one to flesh out further.

I settled on Daniel Craig. This proved a little prophetic, as, subsequently (2 days later), SNL announced that he would in fact host the show on 6 October.

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2 x Saturday Night Live opening monologues

For my writing class I have to write a couple of Saturday Night Live opening monologues. Below is my first attempt, quite pleased with it as a very first offering, I will choose something different for next week (I have an idea already, you will have to wait and see).

My selected host for the show is Danny McBride of “Eastbound and Down”

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