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Improv Workshop: how to be the straight man

Yesterday in our improv session we had a workshop led by Raphael Perahia, based on a workshop he did when he was recently in New York, on being the straight man in a scene. It was one of the most interesting and productive sessions we have done and there were some lovely scenes by everyone. The technique resulted in everyone doing something different from what I have seen them do before, and has added a nice new skill to our toolbox.

Who is the straight man?

Raph and Ed look on

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The gigs that make the good gigs good…

The other night I did a gig in a provincial town that will remain nameless and so hopefully blameless.

Three comics in a car, Ian Hawkins, Andy Storey and myself, leaving Clapham Junction to head through the heavy London traffic, trying to keep road rage to a minimum despite the number of numpties on the roads (I’d be arrogant not to include myself in that number, but, being me, I’m quite happy to have a go at all the others). Banter was the usual, where we’ve gigged recently, discussions about comedy and attitudes, the odd bit of circuit juicy gossip (either we are out of the loop or there is currently very little gossip with much succulent, fruity, sugar water to whet our appetites. Or possibly our tastes are now so numbed that we are bored by anything less than a real life “Aristocrats” situation).

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