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Level 2 with Susan Messing, 21 August

I’m back with the wonderful Susan Messing, this time at iO. We covered many of the same things she covered at Second City, but the emphasis was different and this is definitely a good class to be taking, download to the brain some more Messingisms.

“The more you do something, the more you discover” – so when doing something, observe what it is that you are doing. If you don’t know what it is, do it some more and you will find out what it is. What is there in front of you is your reality, so be aware of it, play with it, interpret it, let it exist.

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Long Form Immersion, Day 2, with Rachael Mason and Susan Messing

Today we did the Bunny Bunny, Toki Toki warm up – cracking fun warm up, and as we went round people got more and more into it, committing more and adding their own emotion or changing their voice, until the circle was absolutely raucous.
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End of the week

Wow, what a week. I’ve now been in Chicago for 8 days and for the last 7 of them have had classes. My next day off is in September but, luckily, some days I have fewer classes than others…

The past week I have been on Susan Messing and Rachael Mason‘s Long Form Improvisation immersion course. Susan and Rachael both trained under the legendary (and definitely quite strange) Del Close, and I am getting the impression that in terms of legends in this business, Del was it, and the other person in this town taking that accolade is Mick Napier. Which is very cool, as I have a class with him in September.

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