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Windy Spasms in a Windy City

Wow, I’ve not blogged in nearly a week as I’ve had so much on my plate. Things are now calming down, although I fear that is before the storm… I lie, I don’t fear it at all, it is extremely exciting, and the fever of anticipation is a welcome itch after the past week where the majority of fever was of trepidation.

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ACE? Ah yes, Arts Council England…

This comedy lark is a great game, but there is a serious side. As an art form, it is self financing – as in, I currently finance my art myself. Yes, I get paid gigs here and there, however £100 to headline a gig in Plymouth barely covers the petrol, and whilst I perform maybe 20 nights a month, I am still not at the stage where enough of them pay sufficiently to keep me in tea and biscuits. And I like tea and biscuits.

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